The year 2000
Eva's beginning

It’s the year 2000, Eva was born. I grew up with three older sisters, so you can probably already guess; I was born and raised in a glamour house. Even our dog is a lady, poor dad.

The year 2010
I wanted curls!

The four of us all had long hair so we did a lot of experimenting with different curling irons and straighteners. Fun fact, one of my sisters actually became a hairdresser. We’re five years apart, so I grew up being her guinea pig. However, my sister didn't always have the time to curl my hair so I went and started trying to do it myself.

The year 2016

I always used to steal my sisters' curling irons to make curls in my own hair. Naturally, my hair is very straight, so the curls often started sagging almost immediately. By then, I had tried many, many methods.

The year 2021
Heatless curls beginning

But now, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned a lot more about haircare. I used to prefer to curl my hair every day, even though I knew this is not healthy for my hair. So, I started developing my own alternative to achieving beautiful curls. This time without the damage.

Heatlesscurls is born

After a whole bunch of testing, I finally found a product that works for me. Girls, I am very excited to bring you amazing overnight curls, without the damage.

Lots of love, Eva


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